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  • "What a fantastic idea!, Our pets were safe and sound and tucked up at home while we enjoyed our holiday"

    Jon Smith

  • "Lovely + friendly, my 5 cats were very well looked after would highly recommend this service xx"

    Kerry Patel

  • This service is perfect if you don't like putting your pets in catteries/kennels...The extra that Precious Paws offers like watering plants and putting bins out is also handy...highly recommended...

    Tracy Johnson

  • "Excellent care, cats were superbly looked after and very happy- would highly recommend"

    Paul J Brown

  • From the moment of meeting Perdi, I knew my little feline girl was going to be in good hands. I felt very confident that Perdi would do a great job whilst recently on holiday, and I wasn't disappointed; not only a perfectly pampered cat, but hanging baskets & tubs watered, post collected and the house was generally looked after. Thank you, Perdi, you are highly recommended this end!

    Andy Veitch

  • From the moment I met Perdi I knew my boys would be in safe hands whilst we were away on holiday. A cattery is out of the question for me and cat sitting is a great alternative that I only recently found out about. Not only were my boys very well looked after, our bins were put out and the house was generally well looked after. There is nothing better than being away knowing your cats are in good hands but also coming home to fresh milk in the fridge for that much needed cuppa and lovely welcoming summer flowers I had picture updates sent through to see how well my beautiful bengals were doing. Thank you Perdi - you are highly recommended here! xx

    Amie Hearn

  • I could not recommend Precious Paws enough! From the moment I met Perdi I knew I could trust her with my home and my two feline friends, I went on holiday not worrying about the care my two cats would receive, knowing they would be looked after and cuddled just as if we were home, ment I didnt have to worry about them at all.

    Perdi sent updates while we were away which was lovely and I came home to two very happy cats and a beautiful bunch of welcome home flowers- thank you very much Perdi, you are a star and such a lovely person, I would highly recommend you to everyone! We will definately be in touch when we go on our next adventure, we will see you again :) xx

    Sam Lloyd

  • First class service. Perdi looked after our cat Miller while we were away, and having met a couple of times beforehand I knew that Perdi loved animals as we do and therefore I knew Miller would be well looked after; I wasn't wrong, Miller was so chilled out when we returned from holiday. Our garden was watered, our bins were sorted and we had a happy cat. I would definitely recommend Perdi and will certainly use her services again.

    Deb Dillon

  • Highly recommend for pet sitting our bunnies cats and fish all happy and clean after our holls thank you so much Precious Paws - Defo will be using from now on xx

    KerryAnn Harris

  • Always feel very comfortable leaving our two cats in Perdi's care, get a sense that they get lots of love and attention, and we get updates as well. Would definitely recommend her services!

    Anthony Morrison

  • I'd happily recommend Perdi - she's been helpful and reliable looking after our guinea pigs, and it was lovely coming back home to a clean hutch!

    Abi Pedlow

  • Perdi was brilliant she visited twice a day to look after our 2 chickens.I did not worry or stress Perdi messaged and sent photos.I would use Precious Paws again it's eggceptional

    Susan Nibblet

  • Lovely lady, very friendly, extremely trustful and very reliable. Both my cats were extremely well cared for and very chilled out on our return from holiday. So much better than using a cattery and would recommend precious paws and Perdi to anyone without any hesitation! Fantastic service - Thank You xx

    Linda Sterry

  • Perdi did an outstanding job looking after our two cats. She clearly likes cats and followed all our complicated instructions perfectly. She also stayed in touch very well so we felt reassured that everything was fine at home while we were away. We would recommend Perdi's excellent service and intend to ask her to look after our cats again. It's hard to imagine how anyone could do a better job of looking after your much loved pets

    Melissa M

  • When Perdi came to to visit us I knew she'd take good care of my girls whilst we were away camping. A cattery just wasn't an option and cat sitting worked out brilliantly as it meant they could feel safe staying and secure at home and we knew the house was also being looked after too.

    Perdi followed our care instructions as requested and gave us regular updates on both cats. Pookie & Sushi bonded with her almost straight away as she is a natural with cats. It really helped to know the cats were happy.

    Thank you so much Perdi - you are definitely recommended by us, cats & humans alike X

    Jamela Coventry

  • It was obvious from the first meeting that Perdi was not only a professional and trustworthy person but that she was also a caring and capable one! Our cats loved her and I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a pet sitter!

    Dawn McLean

  • Perdi came to look after us when our humans thought they'd go and do human stuff this weekend.
    She was more fun than the cattery because we don't like staying there and we could stay at home. She fed and watered us at the right times for our OCDness and spent time taking photos to send to our humans to say that we were ok.
    We felt safer in our home and we are really looking forward to the next time that Perdi comes to look after us. She even tidies up the post and draws curtains to make it look like Mum and Dad are home!
    Thanks from Jinx and Angus

    Jinx/Angus c/o Anita Powis

  • After worrying about leaving merlin to go away for a week I can honestly say i worried for nothing perdi looked after and cared for merlin so well and kept us updated as to how he was i can highly recommend her and would use her everytime to look after him , a massive thank you perdi and a big meow thank you from merlin x

    Karen Lund

  • I'm not sure I could live without Precious Paws. I'm always very nervous about leaving my cat any extended period of time but Perdi always does a great job keeping her happy and entertained. Reliable, dependable and worth every penny just for the peace of mind.

    Christopher Ronus

  • Perdi, is a wonder person who loves her animals and will love a take good care of yours. Flynn absolute loves her! And I feel very assuring when I am away and knowing Perdi is looking after him! Thanks a lot!

    Christna Hooper

  • Just got back from a week away in Benidorm, cannot be more thankful, my kitten has been looked after so well! definitely recommend to anyone

    Abbie Lund

  • Perdi is a warm-hearted treasure! Her genuine love of cats is plain to see. And she offers a Five Star service, looking after your home as well as its kitty residents. (I'd almost swear my house was cleaner on my return than when I left it.)

    I'm in rented accommodation at the moment, with no cat flap, so my girls had to be kept in for the duration of my week away. I imagined they would be climbing the curtains in their eagerness to get outside but they were the very model of relaxation and contentment, quite happy to wait until the following day. Their food dishes were full, litter trays clean and they themselves were just thoroughly chilled out.

    For your peace of mind, Perdi will send you text message updates on how your animals are getting on. There seems to be nothing she hasn't thought about and I would thoroughly recommend her. Thank you, Perdi

    Lindsay Treen

  • Thank you so much Perdi for looking after Billy bob bunny and mouse the cat for 3 weeks. I can highly recommend precious paws. Perdi is a genuinely warm and lovely lady who is reliable, trustworthy and caring. We received messages whilst we were away which was a relief as billy bob doesnt always want to come in at bedtime! Also welcomed home with a beautiful bunch of roses, thank you. Perdi will always be top of my list for pet sitting and has all crb /dsb checks. Much appreciated x

    Lucy James

  • I'd definitely recommend Perdi to anyone needing someone to look after their cat/s in Gloucestershire! Her rates are very reasonable, she's a lovely person to work with and invite into your home.I felt able to go off and enjoy my weekend without fretting about the cats! Perdi sent a couple of pictures and updates while I was away just to ease my worried mind. Thank you Perdi! x

    Kimberley Anne

  • Perdi is amazing! I was really nervous about leaving the cats for the first time but Couldn't have asked for a better person to look after our furbabies! I know they would have got lots of cuddles whilst I was away and was very happy to receive photos of them doing well!
    Recommend recommend recommend!! Xx

    Abbie Bullingham

  • Big thank you to Perdi and Emma from Buddy and me. Far easier than a cattery and more enjoyable for Buddy (cat)

    Ian Miles

  • Fab fab fab! highly recommend this lovely lady, very professional, love the fact Perdi loves cats! Thanks

    Rebecca Lou

  • This is a service that goes above and beyond, even struggling through snow and ice when, as recently, the house was almost cut off. It was great to go away to Yorkshire (no snow!!) for the New Year and to be certain in the knowledge that Perdi's calm and professional service would ensure that all would remain well at home and that our cat would be looked after perfectly and be content and happy on our return. Very Many Thanks! Angela, Chris and, of course, Evie

    Chris Calman

  • Precious paws looked after our cat Dennis while we were away and couldn't of asked for a better service

    Friendly, trustworthy and reliable - would most definitely recommend!

    Steve Brown

  • We are so grateful to Perdi for looking after our cat Mo while we were away for 2 weeks. I was a little nervous to leave her for such a long time but Perdi totally put our minds at rest. Not wanting to put her into a Cattery it was perfect that Perdi came to ours each day. She has a clear love of animals and we knew that Mo was in good hands. The kitchen was spotless on our return (despite Mo's best efforts to make as much mess as possible whilst using the litter tray!) We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Perdi to anyone and would certainly use her again.

    Stevie Coquillon

  • Perdi was great at looking after my cats whilst I was away for 5days. She made sure all their needs were met including administering medications, grooming, cuddles and playtime, and kept me updated on them during her visits. She also took care of my bird too at no extra cost.
    After meeting with Perdi before going away, I felt reassured that not only would my pets be well looked after, but my home would be too.
    Would highly recommend and will definitely be booking Perdi again in the future.

    Danita Teemul

  • This is the second time we have used Perdi and, as the first time, received an excellent service. The little updates from Perdi whilst we were away, put my mind at ease that Steve (our cat) was in good hands. A fantastic service and I would thoroughly recommend Perdi.

    Lisa Jones

  • Perdi is lovely, patient and keeps us updated. She takes looking after our 3 cats in her stride, including our blind and very nervous mog who needs daily eye drops. Definite peace of mind and so much better than a cattery!

    Jo Davey

  • Perdi looked after our cat Toby and our home over the holiday period - even put the bins out ! She sent a couple of messages to let us know everything was OK and we were very pleased to have such an excellent service locally. Toby seemed very happy on our return and we will definitely ask Perdi to look after him in future .

    Helen Hewett

  • Perdi was absolutely brilliant with Pockets. He is a very timid cat so wanted to keep him at home whilst I went in holiday. I can’t be more thankful to her. Especially coming home to a fresh litter tray and a hoovered carpet’

    Carolin Shaw

  • We so love Perdi! She is such a wonderful addition to our family - responsive, comprehensive, thoughtful and so professional - we couldn’t hope for any more in a pet sitter and trusted friend to Zoe

    Laura Pratt

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